Today's Enabling Village

Impact of Enabling Village Today

Enabling Village conducts a myriad of business activities offering training and employment, information and referral services, inclusive community activities, and retail and lifestyle amenities to:

Focus On Training And Employment Of Persons With Disabilities 

Enabling Village has offered over 4,500 training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities since 2015. The information and career centre at the Nest Block provides information and referral services for persons with disabilities and caregivers. Jobseekers can also seek employment advice and support from our appointed Job Placement Job Support partners such as Autism Resource Centre (ARC), MINDS and SPD.

Hive Block, operated by ARC, houses both private and public sector employers that focus on providing customised training and employment opportunities for persons with autism.

The social businesses in Enabling Village train and hire persons with disabilities. For instance, Soul Food, is a restaurant that provides private dining experiences with food prepared by staff with special needs.

Support Inclusion through Many Firsts Of Its Kind In Singapore

Kindle Garden
Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool, is set up in Enabling Village by SG Enable in partnership with Lien Foundation and AWWA. It is a purpose-built pre-school to provide all children with a value-based, inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environment. Kindle Garden conducted many sharing sessions and hosted learning journeys for public policy officers and educational professionals. We are happy to have contributed to government efforts to enhance inclusion and support for children with developmental needs.
Inclusive Gym
The first inclusive community gym in Singapore with specialised equipment and customised programmes to allow persons of all abilities to exercise together was piloted in Enabling Village with support from VWO Capability Fund (VCF) and corporate donations. Not only does the gym promote a healthy lifestyle, it also supports persons with disabilities to be work-ready, by building up their physical stamina. Currently operated by Sport Singapore, the gym is outfitted with specialised equipment for seniors and people with special needs and sees many regular gym users. Sport Singapore has since set up four other inclusive community gyms in different parts of Singapore.

Enabling Village Clinic

Partners such as Mount Alvernia Hospital (Mt Alvernia) and Stroke Support Station (S3) also set up their first establishment in Enabling Village. Mt Alvernia provides subsidised primary healthcare services to create a healthier community and positive health impact for the vulnerable, while S3 provides  post-stroke rehabilitation needs to enable stroke survivors to improve their quality of life and reintegrate into the community.

We are proud that our initiatives and prototypes have catalysed greater disability inclusion beyond Enabling Village.

Promote Awareness Of Assistive Technology

Tech Able
Tech Able is a joint initiative between SG Enable and SPD, focusing on raising awareness and encouraging adoption of Assistive Technology (AT). Set up in 2015 with support from corporates such as ST Engineering and Singtel, the centre has welcomed more than 25,000 visitors and assessed and trained nearly 1,500 persons with disabilities in the use of prescribed AT.

Support Caregivers Of Persons With Disabilities

Caregiver Pod
The Caregivers Pod is a dedicated multi-functional space for caregivers and community partners to come together for networking, peer support sessions, caregiver training and activities. Since its launch in Dec 2018, the Caregivers Pod has served close to 1,000 caregivers with over 3,600 users for the space.

Effect Mindset Change

UOB Ability Hub
The UOB Ability Hub and various event spaces at the Enabling Village provide an avenue for SG Enable and like-minded partners to co-organise inclusive programmes and events and promote community integration. More than 186 inclusive events have been held since 2015, welcoming persons with disabilities and the wider community to learn, interact and play together. Over the same period, learning journeys on universal design and disability inclusion were conducted for over 34,000 local and foreign visitors, comprising students, educators, corporates, volunteer leaders, government agencies and foreign delegates.

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